• No government or (even more so) corporation will allow the public to directly invest into or take part in its projects both in space and on Earth. In the end, they are only looking to stimulate the demand for products and services that they market to the public. The issue of the public being a part of the elite political and economic class is not even in question. What we propose is a simple way to change the equation: we’ll create our own policies for regulation of these relations, which are currently not at all correct.
  • The Project is based on commitment of its investors to create, develop, and promote their interests, on its own programs for development of Earth and space. Today’s technologies are readily available; we just have no access to their financing and management. That’s why building them from scratch is most natural way to go.
  • If everyone takes a step towards the future, the whole humanity will change.
  • Individually, each of us may not be able to do much; however, a million people can do everything. By managing our consumption, we can alter distribution of resources on an international scale and channel them to create the future we envision. Everything we propose will definitely happen: in a few years’ time you’ll be buying products we describe, but you’ll be investing in someone else’s interests and aspirations. Governments and corporations have appropriated the right to enjoy profit and make political decisions for themselves; we are merely feedstocks for tasks they handle.
  • The system we propose changes the existing state of things. We’ll create our own territories, our own political and financial structure, and it is going to be a step towards the future. We’ll use the existing infrastructure with maximum efficiency, minimum costs and make maximum investments. They’ll be directed towards meeting most important and at the same time simple challenges: logistics, communications, packaging, construction, software, carrier rockets, space engineering.
  • We believe that people are capable of managing their relations themselves. Our Project is the future that you want. Straightforward management and reporting, an open financial system, a complete transparency. We seek people who are more than just investors or experts; we seek new citizens of the new world. Project time-frame: infinity.

The Policy and FAQ.