The First State Of The Free People’s Choice

Discover new opportunities for making decisions and investing in them.

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What is the Dream Place Club?

The Dream Place Club (DPC) Project was designed as an alternative to the existing society.

  • The Project is an opportunity to live a different, more exciting life.
  • The Project empowers its citizens and members to put all their skills, talents, and expertise to practice as soon as possible.
  • With our joint efforts we can meet any challenge.
  • We give you a key to open any door.


State currency
Maximum planned exchange of
300 000 000 SOL
Monthly emission of currency
2 500 000 SOL
Attracted to the project
0.43 $
Exchange rate
1 SOL = $0.01
Project funds
285 249 958 SOL
Currency emitted
14 750 042 SOL
Ag0 kg
Au0.003 kg
Pt0 kg
 10% of all incomes are invested
Free listener
Citizens registered
Projects initiated
Becoming A Citizen And What’s In It For You

Citizenship is investment-based.

$500 per year
  • By acquiring citizenship, you become a Project Citizen, thus obtaining the right to receive dividends from all of the DPC projects and involve yourself in its activities.
  • Size of a dividend depends on your contribution onto the project. You may become an investor by purchasing currency (SOL). You may initiate and implement you own project with the DPC resource base and receive dividends from it. You may provide your expertise within any project and earn salary for its implementation.
  • All Project funds are reinvested into its infrastructure, manufacturing, R&D, technologies.

Join Now

We offer you to create an industry of the future.
It’s tomorrow that you need to invest into.

  • Our products are going to have a competitive edge, which is incorporated into the Project idea itself – motivation of citizens, non-interest funds, our own financial and political systems, novelty of challenges.
  • You have a chance to change your own destiny and the destiny of our world. Each of us may influence current world problems through self-organization of common people and providing a worthy alternative.